We are now 2 weeks old and thriving. So far most of us have tripled our birth weight.   Our mum Ruby is a very good mum.  She is very protective of us and that’s why our prospective owners can’t see us yet!  However, our human mum will happily answer any questions and will soon be able to arrange visits.
Yellow collar was the last puppy to be born, 15 hours after the first and today was the first pup to open his eyes and walk rather than tummy surf!
Mr Yellow
Green collar teeters along nicely too!  With eyes closed as yet.
Mr D Green
It’s interesting to see pink collar and bright green collar often cuddling up together.
Mr L Green
Mrs Pink
We don’t want to make the other puppies jealous with all the lime light…
Purple collar
Ms Purple
Red collar
Mr Red
Black collar
Mr Black

In the last week their little noses have changed from pink to black.

For those people interested in buying a puppy here are a few details:

They are all £550 each. A cash deposit of £150 is required with the remaining £400 to be paid on collection which could be early September depending on the well being of the pup and the new owners commitments.

I will provide a copy of the pedigree of both Ruby and Hugo. Proof of their hip and elbow scores and eye test results.

They have been wormed and checked by the vet today.

A puppy pack and Kennel club registration documents will also be available.

You may bring a clean old tee shirt which I will leave in the puppy bed so that when you take your pup home it will have the scent of its mum and litter mates

Insurance for the first few weeks is also included

Your puppy will have been chipped. In the unfortunate event of your dog getting lost the information is registered in your name not mine.

Your pup will have been weaned onto Royal Canin puppy food and if you decide to change the food you give your pup you must do this slowly. Please remember that good dog food means a healthy dog with a shiny coat and healthy weight. Ruby has been eating Royal Canin puppy dry food throughout her pregnancy and whelp and she looks well with lots of stamina to feed seven hungry pups!

I recommend you buy a crate so that your pup is safe and feels safe. Vet bedding washes and dries really easily.