2 weeks old! Blue collar has eyes wide open and walking instead of tummy surfing.  All doing well.  Ruby is fine, hungry!  She is on 4 meals a day of high energy puppy food and needs it.  She is a really good mum and is somewhat relieved when she sees me getting out the leads and balls….a break from feeding and cleaning.

At the weigh in this week Grey collar male was the heaviest at 1.462kg with Yellow collar girl next at 1.454kg. The little girl with the black collar was the lightest at 1.080kg.  She is thriving, scuttles around, often choosing to sleep alone – the quiet one?

If they could speak they would tell you that human mum insisted on thrusting a syringe into their mouths for the first worming treatment…lots of resistance, slavering and licking their lips!


Black Girl


Dark Blue Boy


Grey Boy


Light Blue Boy


Lilac Girl


Orange Girl


Red Girl


Yellow Girl