Registered Kennels

Emmlow kennels is registered with Emmlow’s Ruby the fox red labrador had her first litter of puppies April 5th 2010. Ruby was matched with a pedigree labrador called Bo who is a chocolate Labrador. Take a look at the puppies from the first litter on this website.


Which Food

The puppies will be fed appropriate to their age and digestive ability. It is then up to you, if you choose to change the brand to do this gradually, monitoring your puppy for any adverse effects. There are lots of websites that sell dried and tinned food as well as pet shops and supermarkets. Your vet will also advise you on feeding and they often sell food too.

Where it all began…

Appreciating the joy and reward that comes with being a dog owner led us to think about breeding with our dogs. I can remember the happiness and pride that the breeders of Millie, Ruby and Marley experienced when they were born and part of a healthy litter.

I grew up with labradors as did my children, so making the decision to have Millie and Ruby seemed like the right thing to do, especially as one of us is at home and the dogs have not only each other for company but me as well!
We decided that Ruby would be the first of our dogs to breed, she seemed to mature more quickly than Millie, her hips, elbows and eyes all tested well and local people who meet us when walking often ask if we are going to breed, so a seed was sown!  Hopefully Millies hips, elbows and eyes will test well and she too may become a mum.

The 3 sisters who started the Emmlow Kennels.