Hi Bo’s the name, but personally I prefer my Sunday best, Mr Bojangles. Born and bred in Cheshire, I started life in a prized litter over in Crewe in 2009. I now live in Macclesfield with my human owners, mum, dad, brother and sister. I’m a chocolate lab of a highly regarded pedigree – I like to think I have a bit of asristocrat in me – the other dogs soon put me in my place. I was introduced to Emmlow Kennels at an early age at the ripe old age of 16 weeks where I can recall terrorising the other dogs until I learnt that in doggy world this is totally unaccepetable. Having no siblings at home myself, my owners often take me to Emmlow for short breaks (actually the last one lasted 4 weeks but I wasn’t complaining).

Mr Bojangles

Nothing delights me more than when I arrive and discover new playmates although Marley is always good for a bit of a romp in the garden. I often take my meals separately to the other dogs at Emmlow, I thought it was because of my pedigree roots until I overheard that I was the greedy one and thought nothing of eating Millie’s food! Charming I’m sure!

My stays at the kennels are similar to you humans going to health farms – my owners often comment that I look fantastic when I go back to them. Good portion controls, lots of long walks in the woods, recreation time with the other dogs and the best bit, lots an lots of grooming and spa treatments (I adore having my pads waxed).

I love people too, they’re always full of treats and those little fellows called children – well they’re always good for throwing a ball or two.

**March 2011** Marvellous news – I’ve found out that I am going to be a father. My girlfriend, Ruby is due to give birth in April and this makes me feel very special. Of course, I will be a model role figure and I do hope that the pups take after me, mild natured, playful and lots of fun!