Exciting news!

There are some very nice people who have come to visit and who are interested in giving us a safe, loving home.

Green: I’m green tab and my prospective owners have visited twice now, not sure if they will choose me or yellow tab!  I am growing fast, eating 3 meals a day and sometimes share from the same bowl, sometimes steal my siblings food too!

green puppy
Yellow: A lovely couple are interested in me too! Not sure who they will choose, green or me!  I don’t mind, they need to be happy with their choice, although I really wouldn’t mind living with them.

yellow puppy
Blue:  I quite like my own company, although when there’s anything going on I’m there, quick as a flash, to see what’s happening.  I am growing soooo fast, dread the weigh in on Tuesday!
Sparkly pink:  I’m getting strong and big and although my human mum gave me the sparkly pink nail varnish marker on my ear I am a BOY, a very good looking boy. On a sunny day people have said they think my coat is very dark chocolate, not sure about that as its only my puppy coat at the moment.

sparkle puppy
Pink:  I’m a fun loving little girl, into mischief, romping with my bigger brothers and holding my own nicely. I seem to be the favourite of a family who came on Saturday.  They cuddled me a lot!  Maybe I will be able to go and live with them?
Red: Although I am a little girl I can play fight with my bigger brothers and tease them.  I’m trying to jump up onto the furniture but can’t quite make it yet! A lady and her mum are coming to see me next weekend so I too may have a home when I am a bit older.

red puppy


I was yellow tab but now have a multi colour collar.  I too have been vaccinated, chipped and given a clean bill of health.  We are all eating Royal Canin Junior complete meals now and don’t need our 3 meals a day made into porridge as we chomp away at the crispy dry food.  We drink lots of water too. I’m still the heaviest, think I’m going to be a sturdy dog!

yellow puppy