Not only do we like munching at a peeled apple,  we also like raw carrot to chew on or play with!  Yesterday we tried cooked turkey breast! and a run around outside on newly jet washed patio.

The visit to Paul, the vet at Companion Care in Chesterfield (At Pets at Home) went really well.

We all had our first vaccination and have been micro chipped.  No one yelped or cried!  We’ve been health checked thoroughly and treated for kennel cough.  Our worming and flea treatment is up to date.

Paul was really impressed with our growth, health and development and amazed at our size and spirit.

Our weight continues to increase:

Indy, blue collar is 6.2kg
Monty, grey collar is 5.6kg
Franklin orange collar is 5.4kg
Molly yellow collar is 5.3kg

At 8 weeks we will have another treatment and then off to our new homes over the weekend of lst, 2nd 3rd September.

That’s all for now!