Grey collar:   Birth Weight: 496gms – At 3 weeks: 2443gms
Blue collar:   Birth Weight: 961gms – At 3 weeks: 2575gms
Orange collar:   Birth Weight: 448gms – At 3 weeks: 2340gms
Yellow collar:  Birth Weight: 496gms – At 3 weeks: 2363gms

Last week, at 2 weeks old, they were all wormed with Drontal.
They were health checked – heart, lungs, palate, ears, hernia.
All fit, well and thriving!

They will begin to eat Royal Canin puppy food in the next day or so.
Rosie continues to be an excellent Mum with “on demand” feeding!

They can now hear, see, walk and starting to play fight!

I already have people adding their names to a new list for her next litter in around 10 – 12 months time!