I was yellow tab but now have a multi colour collar.  I too have been vaccinated, chipped and given a clean bill of health.  We are all eating Royal Canin Junior complete meals now and don’t need our 3 meals a day made into porridge as we chomp away at the crispy dry food.  We drink lots of water too. I’m still the heaviest, think I’m going to be a sturdy dog!

I’m now known as purple collar as my pink sparkle nail varnished tab kept getting rubbed off with all the rough and tumble of life.  I look like my dad, even walk like him.  It’s very quiet now that my sister and two brothers have left our little pack.  However, I am fit and well and waiting for some good people to give me a safe and loving home.



I am a big lad too!  Developing well, fit and healthy.  I’ve got a very good appetite, like my sister and brother and am quite a character, finding things to demolish given half a chance. I’ve been known as “son of Bo” since I was born.  They say I look like my Dad.  I’m certainly growing big, like him.  I will never be as dainty as my sister but I am big and strong!