Mabel oh my goodness she is so cheeky, poor old stan is so patient with her. She dangles from his jowls and fights with him til the bitter end. She is a typical female rules the roost and has to have the last say. We love her. She is sleeping for about 8 hours at night, she puts herself in the crate when she is tired and on the whole tells us when she needs to go on the garden. She had her jabs last week and the vet says she will be ok for walkies 1 week after her next jabs.  We started her on royal canin junior for labs, it is a doughnut shape and apparently is better for greedy labs digestive systems. She has been fine on that. . She is sitting on command and has just started giving paw this week. Stan has fully recovered from the castration and all went well, however for the first few days in the sore stage mabel tried to suckle from him which he didn’t really appreciate. She just has him pinned on the floor now by his neck, she is a monkey.