Hello! I am “Magnificent Milly from Mars” known as Millie.  Often called “Silly Millie” because I act daft sometimes. This pays off, I get my food brought to me, placed lovingly at my feet and talked to in a soft voice.  All this because I “play tired girl” I am streets ahead of my sister Ruby when it comes to retrieving but I find it difficult to drop my toy so that it can be thrown again. I like to “toy” with my owners, making them cajole me into dropping whatever it is I have found.  Attention seeking behaviour I know, but it works!


I’m not ready for that mating and pregnancy bit yet, I’ll let Ruby practise first. Although I do expect to be a good “aunt” to the litter she will no doubt produce early in 2010 which will disrupt my peace and quiet.

I have had my eyes tested though and my sight is excellent!  My weight is 29kg (August lst 09) so, as the heavier of the 3 girls in the family I need to watch what I eat! My dad has been accused of “humanizing” me, but it’s only because I love to be cuddled like a baby and have my tummy stroked.

When Marley comes to stay and we all go out together people say we look really cute, 3 little girls, always on the alert for a dozey cat we can chase.