Hello!  I am Jupiter’s Joyous Gem, known to my family as Ruby. You will see from my photograph that I am a red fox colour.  I am very loyal and good natured.  Because of my lovely temperament my owners have decided that I can have puppies.  I haven’t had a say in this but I am sure I will be a good mum.


They have had my eyes tested and my hips and elbows x-rayed. If you are interested in how healthy I am I will tell you my results….

Firstly, after a comprehensive eye examination I am happy to tell you that I have no inherited eye disease.  My owners will have my eyes tested annually to make sure that when I breed I will be in tip top condition!
The score for both my right and left elbows is “0”
My hip scores for both my right and left hip are 3 – total score 6 which I am told is very good!

If you want a breakdown of these scores they are:
Norberg angle                            R – 0    L – 0
Subluxation                                R – 2    L – 2
Cranial acetabular edge         R – 1    L – 1

I am up to date with my vaccinations and on the lst August 2009 I weighed 28.8kg.

When out for a good long walk in the woods with Millie and Marley, my sisters, I am the one who, have an initial burst of energy and enjoyment of the freedom, hangs back by my owners to see if I can scrounge a biscuit or two, she is a soft touch and I usually get a treat, he is more sensible and throws a toy to distract me from my obsessive nuzzling up to the nearest coat pocket which smells divine!