Here is Simba yesterday (11 weeks minus 2 days) taking a break from his first spot of lead training (“I’ve no idea what this thing is for!”) to be ready for the outside world, and in action with his latest toy, a 10 inch flower pot.





These are his first encounters with ‘his sisters’ (daughters Caroline and Tanya).

Also a couple of pics this morning – 3 months old tomorrow! He’s walking out well and has great road-drill already.

He’s put on 2.3 kg (now 10.3 kg) in the last 20 days which is nearly half his food mass in that period.

“Hope you are well, Marion, and say hello to my mummy Ruby. I’m enjoying life here – lots of fun and games and food on time! I’ve been out to see the vets for a  check-up and had my first street-walk in Bristol city centre this weekend.  My favourite games are ‘squeaky beefburger’, flower pot-rolling and chewing cereal packet insides. Best times are meal times, and dishwasher filling times (I get inside and enjoy as much as possible whilst the door’s down!) My non-favourite time is watching people eating when I should be too (I bark at them)”