So, update on life at Emmlow!

The velcro coloured collars have arrived so we don’t have a problem with identification!

Ruby is still feeding them well and they are thriving –

On 4th July:

Dark Blue Collar was 778gms
Light Blue Collar was 1.08kgms
Silver Collar was 864gms
Orange Collar was 850gms
Lilac Collar was 810gms
Yellow Collar was 950gms
Black Collar was 770gms

Bo, Alfie’s Dad (Ruby’s son) has come to stay in Chesterfield whilst human family are on holiday.

Alfie is endlessly patient with Rosie who is 3 months old now and a scallywag!
She is learning far too much too quickly! She went out this week for the first time, walking on the lead from home! Didn’t fancy it, decided to spread eagle on the pavement. We achieved a walk with a bribe of cocktail sausages and in the company of Ruby!

Millie is Millie, grumpy if Alfie and Bo pinch her bed but so loving!

Marley has visited, not impressed with different smells here! Puppies again!!

The puppies will be on Champdogs and Kennel Club websites by this weekend and viewing will take place from the l9th July onwards.

Light Blue0407

Light Blue Boy


Lilac Girl


Orange Girl


Red Girl

Silver Grey0407

Grey Boy


Yellow Girl


Black Girl

Dark Blue0407

Dark Blue Boy