We are three and a half weeks old! We’ve had lots of visitors, both prospective new owners and people just very interested in us! Well, we are cute, adorable and funny!

We don’t mind being cuddled and stroked by children, we arn’t frightened when the “big dogs” bark or when human mum decides to put on the Kenwood, the vacuum and the dishwasher.



This week, so far, we have devoured 12 tins of Royal Canin Salmon mouse, very nice it is too! We are wondering what Royal Canin puppy kibbles, soaked in water taste like? Maybe have to wait til the weekend for that treat!

Ruby, our canine mum is still feeding us but if we don’t attach quickly she walks away, no patience for dilly dallying, milk time six times a day and that’s it! Water after that!Jack Playing
Some of us have names now. Purple collar is Mabel. Lime Green collar is Chester. Pink Exploring
We have had lovely people driving up from Bristol, Cannock, Penistone and Sutton in Ashfield.Pink Poser
When it’s too warm in the conservatory human mum moves us to the sitting room. We have a heat mat at night and fan of cool air in the day!

Our “ recall” is excellent….she just calls “puppies” and we all come running towards her!

Red Collar Playing