All the puppies were wormed on Wednesday 6th August, 6 weeks old now.

They were also weighed and all have gained a substantial amount of weight, eating and drinking well!

  • Salt – Dk Blue Collar 4.350g
  • Inca – Light Blue ” 4.180g (now has collar with blue/orange bones)
  • Rome – Grey check 4.800g
  • Lunar – Orange 4.200g
  • Womble – Red 3.850g
  • Maggie – Purple 4.000g
  • Summer – Yellow 4.400g
  • Bailey – Black 3.700g

If you are planning on buying the puppy food this week I will be giving them Royal Canin Maxi Junior – 2 months to 15 months. The amount of food is clearly marked on the side of the bag and will depend on the adult weight of your puppy. As a guide I average my 3 adult dogs to be 30kg each.

Maggie escaped this morning – squeezed through the grid at the back door and I found her trotting about the patio with Alfie – little and large – so funny!

They stay awake for much longer now which gives them lots of time to wee and poo, shred newspaper and play fight!

You may be interested to know that I now have a reserve list of 8 people, desperately wanting some of you to change your minds!!